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Turtle Wax Turtle Wax Black Box Kit

An all-in-one solution to one of the most frequently asked questions in car care: What should I use on my black car? The Black Box is a unique blend of newly developed products and the process gives the deepest, wettest black shine. Can be used to protect a new finish as well as restore the clarity of an older neglected black finish.
  • One-Of-A-Kind Black Tinted Pre-Cleaner And Conditioner Removes \Scratches, Swirl Marks And Surface Contaminants
  • The Pre-Cleaner Is Quickly And Easily Removed With The Unique Black Tinted Spray Detailer, Fortified With Micronized Carnauba, Preparing The Surface For Waxing
  • Can Be Used On Black Metallic Finishes
  • Hand Or Machine Application

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