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Grimmspeed Subaru Downpipe Exhaust Adapter - 3"

SKU: 077044

3-inch Downpipe to OEM Catback

Cut from Steel and hand welded these pieces were born tough. With the ability to work with both flat style gaskets AND donut gaskets they cannot be matched. If that wasn't enough we flared out one end to just shy of 3" so that unlike the competitors, our adapter will not block flow!


  • Flared Adapter Transition! (Creates a smooth transition from your 3" downpipe to your OEM midpipe) 
  • Flanged for OEM Donut Gasket 
  • Indestructible Steel CNC Laser cut construction
  • Simple bolt-on installation. (With bolts included) 
  • Will Not obstruct exhaust flow like other adapters. (Flared end guarantees smooth exhaust flow)

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