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Energy Suspension 90-93 Integra Trailing Arm Bushing

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Control Arm Bushings Maintain better alignment while cornering, stopping and hard launching than soft OEM rubber. A must for both lowered or raised vehicles where weight transfer causes distortion. All control arm bushings are full floating and non binding. Especially important when ride height is altered or greater suspension load is required. Better caster and camber is maintained during hard driving resulting from the correct durometer firmness. The rear control arm bushings are a must for controlling wheel hop and increasing cornering control. Many sets come complete with plated outer metal shells. On the front of vehicles they make a dramatic improvement in the way they handle, with quicker steering response and greater vehicle control. Whatever your demands, proper alignment (caster and camber) is better maintained by the use of the correct performance durometer of the bushing's material formulation. On the rear, these control arm bushings are a must for controlling wheel hop and increasing cornering control for competition uses as well as maintaining alignment on and off road. Most are pre lubricated. This is especially important for both lowered and raised vehicles that have had drastic suspension geometry modifications. Energy's HYPER-FLEX™ Performance Polyurethane control arm bushings do not rot or deteriorate from oils or atmospheric conditions such as ozone, smog, road salt, chemicals and other corrosives. They will not deteriorate in a few short Years and cause that mushy, uncertain steering response like rubber OEM ones often do. Most sets come with zinc plated outer metal shells.
Color: Black
Material: Polyurethane



1990-1993 Acura Integra 

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