Hawk Performance Audi & Volkswagen - Front Pads

Hawk Performance Audi & Volkswagen - Front Pads

SKU: B-HB272F.763


  • 96-02 Audi A4
  • 95-01 Audi A6
  • 97-99 Audi A8
  • 92-94 Audi 100
  • 98-99 Volkswagen Passat


Hawk HPS (High Performance Street) brake pads improve braking, with low dusting and less fade. HPS high coefficient friction material benefits from motorsport and aerospace technologies that can improve braking by 20-40%.

Features include:

  • High friction/torque hot or cold

  • Ferro-carbon friction material

  • Gentle on rotors

  • Extended pad life

  • Low dust

  • Virtually noise-free

To ensure maximum performance, please bed new pads correctly. Proper bedding transfers a thin layer of brake material from the new pads to the rotor braking surface. Bedding improves brake performance with less dusting, makes pads last longer, improves pedal feel, and reduces or eliminates brake noise.


2000-2006 Audi TT
2000-2004 Jetta 1.8T /2.0 /VR6
2000-2004 GOlf 1.8T / 2.0 / VR6

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