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APR Intercooler Silicone Hose Kit MQB 1.8T/2.0T

SKU: MS100114

The APR Boost Hose System is a comprehensive, direct replacement upgrade, to the factory rubber hoses found in the charge piping system. The system includes a multitude of enhancements designed for maximum performance, longevity and insurance against power robbing boost leaks. The system is sold both as a complete kit, and individually, and is fully compatible with the OEM and upgraded APR Intercooler system, OEM throttle body and all OEM turbochargers.

Direct OEM replacement for  5Q0145832 & 5Q0145834

    • Compatible with OEM/APR Intercooler, OEM Throttle body and all OEM turbochargers.
    • APR EZ-Flow design
      APR’s EZ-Flow stepped design provides maximum flow for maximum performance through a smooth, port matched transition from hose to connection surface.
    • Multi-ply silicone outer construction
      Pressure tested far beyond the engine’s capabilities, the system maintains performance under extreme conditions and increases both heat and burst resistance as well as mating surface adhesion compared to rubber.
    • Fluorosilicone interior surface
      A Fluorosilicone coating on the interior surface greatly resists oil and gasoline permeation providing an extra layer of protection against deterioration of the hoses.
    • Clampco T-bolt clamps
      Made from stainless steel, the Clampco T-bolt clamps replace the factory worm-gear clamps with thick, high quality and high strength T-bolt clamps designed to diminish the risk of boost leaks with increased connection strength and decreased hose slippage.
    • Additional quality control
      APR take quality seriously. Each hose is fully tested before it leaves our doors to ensure fitment and our EZ-Flow design is perfectly matched!
  • *The turbo outlet pipe does not fit vehicles with the 7 speed DL381 transmission.

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