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Prolightz PL360 1157 LED Bulb

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Prolightz is proud to introduce our all-new PL360 series LED bulbs. These super bright LED bulbs are designed to offer top-notch performance, good looks, and the very best value for your money.


Intense: These bulbs offer reverse mounted LEDs directed towards your vehicle's reflector housing as well as forward firing LEDs for maximum output. Light is emitted in a 360 Degree pattern ( hence the name PL360 ).



  • Pair: PL360 1157 LED Bulbs
  • Warranty: Two Years



  • Please Note: If used as flashers, likely to cause Hyper-Flash. You may require resistors or LED flasher relay.



  • Lumen Rating: 
  • White: 750 lumens
  • Amber: 350 lumens
  • Red: 280 lumens
  • Light Source: CREE XB-D
  • Power: 30w
  • LED quantity: 6pcs
  • Beam Angle: 360 Degrees

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