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Chemical Guys Microfiber Towel

SKU: MIC_507_03
  • Uses Ultra-Soft Microfiber And Exclusive Silk-Banded Edges To Help Prevent Any Swirls Or Scratches On Sensitive Paintwork And Automotive Surfaces
  • Dual-Weave Design Makes The Towel Versatile Enough For All Applications
  • The Two Plush Pile Heights Makes Short Work OMicrofiber TowelExterior Cleaner Liquids And Solids Alike
  • High Pile Side To Soak Up Wash Water, Detail Sprays, And Waterless Wash Solutions
  • Buff Away Dried Wax, Sealant, And Polish With The Short Pile Side Without Fear Of Scratching The Surface
  • Features An Ultra-Soft Silk Edge, While Cheap Microfiber Towels Have Hard Nylon Edges That Scratch Paint
  • Premium Microfiber Towels Use Soft Silk Edges To Protect Paint From Damage With 100 Percent Of The Towel’s Surface
  • Have Lint Free And Scratch Free Results
  • Bright Yellow Color Highlights Dirt; Shows You When To Flip To Avoid Scratches
  • Come In A Pack Of 3

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